Corentin's stuff

Random token generator

1.0 13/02/2018

A simple random alphanumeric token generator.


1.0 22/11/2017

A simple library to create responsive github like heatmap to display data on a scale of a day.

Smart rockets

1.0 21/09/2017

A population of rectangle learn to reach a goal (the circle at the top) over time. A basic Genetic algorithm is used to make the population evoluate. The best performing rectangles have more chance to see their "genes" in the next generation.

Fractal tree

1.0 18/09/2017

A javascript program that draw a fractal tree using recursive functions (function called by itself).

Langton's ant

1.0 01/03/2017

Langton's ant is a two-dimensional universal Turing machine with a very simple set of rules but complex emergent behavior. It was invented by Chris Langton in 1986 and runs on a square lattice of black and white cells.